Have you seen the latest YoLife YL-210 ?

Yolife is a brand of Tribest. Tribest is based out of Anaheim, CA and has a lot of brands of small appliances of healthy lifestyle.

Yolife Yogurt Maker is a convenient way to make yogurt at home.

Yolife YL-210
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Makes yogurt in 8-12 hours

Comes with seven 6 oz glass jars with storage lids –volume of 42 oz yogurt can be made in them

Makes yogurt from milk and soymilk

Tall cover which allows you to make 80 oz of yogurt

Time indicator dial to remind when you started your yogurt

Dishwasher safe

Average temperature is 100 – 110 degrees Fahrenheit

5-year warranty

64 oz Glass Jar is an optional accessory

Yolife works with the following types of milk:

  • Regular Pasteurized Milk (including whole, lowfat, and skim)
  • Sterilized Milk
  • Long-Keeping UHT Sterilized Milk
  • Powdered Milk
  • Fresh Milk (directly from the animal and has not been boiled and filtered)
  • Unflavored Soymilk


Yolife has a tall cover which enables you to use your own containers to make more yogurts. Even mason jars can be used. This is a major benefit over other yogurt makers.

The jars come with a ridge that is difficult to clean.

This lacks an alarm to tell you when the yogurt is made. It just has a clock. It is not programmable and does not have a display.

Overall this is a very basic yogurt machine which does its work without too many additional features. All in all it does make great yogurt.

Brand: YoLife
Model: YL-210
4.2 based on 121 reviews
$44.95 New