Yogotherm Incubator Review


The lightweight (ABS outer shell) non-electric yogurt maker is a great way for making yogurt on the go.  Using polystyrene insulation, it’ll maintain the optimal incubation temperature yogurt without the use of electricity. Great for camping!

  • 2 quart capacity
  • No electricity required

Yogotherm incubator
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  • BPA free interior
  • Yogurt in 4 ½ hours
  • Apart from yogurt it can also make Kefir, Fresh cheese, sour cream


The container is insulated and maintains the temperature of heated milk. Since it does not use electricity it can be used for outdoor plans like camping or a drive.

The styrofoam buckets sheds bits of foam every time it is used.

The strainers are good.

Frequently asked questions

Does it have a warranty?

This does not have a warranty as there are no electronic parts in this?

Does it come with a thermometer?

No, it does not come with a thermometer.

Can I fill the container with only the amount of yogurt needed and leave the remaining jar empty? Will this impact the temperature?

It will cool quickly, so for smaller batches, it is better to put the yogurt in a smaller jar and then pack it into the machine with a towel around it for extra insulation.​