Why my yogurt does not turn out good

Yogurt is too lumpy.

• The milk used may have been too hot.

• The ingredients may have not been properly mixed. Ensure that all ingredients are mixed thoroughly prior to adding them to the yogurt maker.

• The milk used may have soured. Be sure to use fresh milk that is far from its expiration date.

There is an abundance of liquid on the surface of the yogurt.

• The yogurt may have stayed in the yogurt maker too long.

• The cups that can be sealed may have been moved too early.

• The milk used was not properly cooled before adding it to the yogurt maker.

The yogurt turns out to be liquid

• The starter culture and milk used may have had different fat contents.

• The yogurt had excessive maturation time in the yogurt maker. Reduce cooking time.

• The starter culture used was not fresh enough.

The yogurt is grainy

• The milk can be boiled at around 210 degree Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. This will boil off most of the water that makes the yogurt grainy.

• The yogurt can also be grainy due to inconsistent incubation temperatures or insufficient cooling or improper handling.

The yogurt does not set

There are 2 reasons why the yogurt may not set:

• The culture cannot multiply if the milk is below recommended temperature

• The culture is destroyed if the milk is above recommended temperature. This will happen if the yogurt maker is overheating or faulty.

You should use a thermometer and check the temperature after intervals to see what is happening.

The yogurt is acidic

This happens if the yogurt is left in the appliance for too long. The fermentation time should be reduced in such cases.