VitaClay 2 in 1 Stoneware Slow Cooker and Yogurt Maker Model VS7600-2

VitaClay is an organic appliance companies with forte in slow cookers and rice cookers. The cooking in their appliances are all natural and whole food cooking in a mineral-rich pot with the convenience of push-button controls.


Capacity of 1 quarts

4 temperature settings (Off, High, Low, Yogurt)

Vita Clay Slow Cooker

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Makes yogurt in 5 – 8 hours

Has all-natural liner made of unglazed Zisha clay

Removable 2qt/64oz/2L Stoneware insert with lid for easy cleaning and refrigeration

Glass lid, brushed stainless wrapped body

1 year warranty


The biggest benefit of this cooker is that it does not use plastic which can harm or glass which can break and instead uses Zisha clay from China. It does not have lead as it is unglazed and is natural.

These preserve nutrients, live cultures and enzymes.

The cleaning is also easy. For general washing, after the clay pot cools, it can be washed in warm water with small amount of dishwashing liquid. For persistent type of residue, you can soak it overnight with water and baking soda. And wash with a non-metallic brush. The second one is more useful specially when you cook meat, chicken or fish that can leave smell.

It is easy to use a setting yogurt is available in the temperature settings knob.

For cooking also, this cooker provides two temperature settings – one is fast and the other is slower.

Other colors

Red Vitaclay

Brand: VitaClay
Manufacturer: VitaClay
Model: VS7600-2
$39.95 New

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