Salton YM7 42-Ounce Electric Machine

Salton, Inc. now known as Russell Hobbs, Inc. is based in Miramar, Florida. It is one of the most popular yogurt makers. There are 2 models – YM9 and YM7. The YM7 makes 42 ounces of yogurt in 7 jars whereas YM9 makes 1 quart of yogurt in one central jar.

Salton YM7 42-Ounce Electric
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7 glass jars – the jars come with individual lids to store the yogurt

Capacity of 42 ounces – each glass jar 6 ounces

See-through cover;

Timer reminder

Time to process yogurt: 4-10 hours, depending on taste.

Warranty: 1 year


It does not contain any temperature control and automatic shutoff which is a pain. You have to remember and turn off the machine yourself. It otherwise has simple controls and contains a timer reminder.

The jars are easy to clean as they are not curved. But these break easily and you need to be careful with that.

The lids fit tightly. There are cases where the lids crack but they are one off cases.

The temperature in the yogurt machine goes up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit as reported by some people. This is not good as the temperature should not exceed 110 degrees. This needs to be checked while buying as such high temperature can kill the bacteria and the yogurt may not turn out good.
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Brand: Salton
Manufacturer: Russell Hobbs, Inc
Model: YM7
3.9 based on 72 reviews
$87.99 New

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