Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 Yogurt Maker with Storage Container Review

Yogurt is one of the oldest food products ever made by humans. There is evidence of the fermentation of milk in order to make yogurt that dates back to the Stone Age. While people in various parts of the world have included yogurt as a staple in their diets for a very long time, it’s only in the last half-century or so that it’s caught on in a big way in the United States. First touted as solely a health food, yogurt’s creamy consistency and great taste have made it a favorite meal or snack of almost everyone, and the ability to mix flavorings and added fruits and nuts into yogurt makes it a versatile part of any meal, or even an entire meal on its own.

Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 Yogurt Maker with Storage Container

Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 Yogurt Maker with Storage Container

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Until recently, most people purchased their yogurt from the grocery store. With today’s emphasis on quality and freshness, and the desire to avoid food colorings, preservatives, and other undesirable additives, has kindled an interest in making fresh yogurt at home. The Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 Yogurt Maker is a great way for any busy household to make and enjoy fresh yogurt without a lot of fuss or cleanup, and to save money while eating better.


  • Automatic home yogurt maker
  • 0.8-quart capacity
  • Produces 2-4 servings at a time
  • Runs on standard household 110-volt outlets
  • Draws 15 watts of power
  • Prepares yogurt in 8-12 hours
  • Includes storage container
  • Comes with yogurt recipe booklet
  • Shipping weight 2 pounds
  • 6.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches


Yogurt is naturally rich in protein, vitamin D, riboflavin, calcium, and vitamins B6 and B12. The Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 enhances the nutritional value of yogurt by allowing the user to eat the yogurt it produces at the peak of freshness to derive the greatest benefit from it, along with the best flavor.

Look Good Feel Great YM-6:2393 Yogurt Maker with Storage ContainerYogurt has been a mainstay choice for parents that need to tempt children who are picky eaters with tasty foods for breakfast, and the YM-6/2393 lets users put in any kind of fruit, nut, or other flavoring that a child prefers. That way, there’s never a need to skip breakfast because you don’t have the correct kind of yogurt in the refrigerator. The Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 Yogurt Maker can have fresh, healthy, tasty yogurt ready for consumption in the morning by mixing the ingredients and letting the unit work overnight while you sleep.

Yogurt is not a complicated recipe to prepare, even without a yogurt maker, but it’s difficult to keep the ingredients at exactly the correct temperature for fermentation without an automatic yogurt maker like the Look Good Feel Great. The unit is small and lightweight, so you can stow it away when it’s not in use, and only bring it out when you want to use it. The YM-6/2393 is attractively styled, with a clean white plastic casing with a dash of pastel green and a clear lid, so you can leave it on your counter if you like.


  • Makes up to 0.8 quarts of fresh yogurt automatically
  • Comes with its own storage container, so you can put away one batch while you clean the unit, and can begin another batch as well
  • Simple, one-button operation
  • Takes only 8 to 12 hours to produce a batch of fresh yogurt
  • Very inexpensive unit lets you save money on store-bought yogurt
  • Silent operation allows you to run it overnight without disturbing your sleep


  • Recipe book is very basic
  • Users accustomed to sweetened yogurt might find the product too sour for their taste

Final Verdict

Look Good Feel Great YM-6:2393 Yogurt Maker with Storage Container

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The Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 Yogurt Maker with Storage Container gets high marks in reviews from home and garden and cooking magazines as well as from users. Over 70 percent of buyers rate the Look Good Feel Great at four stars or better, and say that it makes terrific yogurt without any fuss.

A few reviewers say that the unit works, but they don’t like the taste of the yogurt that the device produces. They describe the finished product as too sour for their palate. This might be because many people have never tasted fresh homemade yogurt, and store-bought yogurt often contains quite a bit of added sugar and other sweetening. Users could probably replicate the taste of sweetened yogurt by adding sugar during preparation, but the recipe book that comes with the unit has very little guidance in it, so they might not be aware of that option.

Users that are looking for fresh yogurt flavor really like the YM-6/2393, and say that it’s easy to produce the finished product, and like having a dedicated, lidded container to store the finished product in while you clean out the unit. Many users are surprised and pleased to discover how much less expensive home made yogurt can be, and recommend the unit highly. The Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 Yogurt Maker is so inexpensive to purchase that it will pay for itself quickly in savings on store-bought yogurt.