FAQs about yogurt maker

How can you make thicker yogurts?

You should heat the milk and then cool it closer to 110 degree Fahrenheit. The lower you cool the milk, the thinner the yogurt will turn out to be. The heating is necessary to get the consistency right.

Using Greek yogurt, whole milk and using heavy cream can also make it thicker.

The starter cultures can also influence this as some might produce thin yogurts so you need to account for that.

Should I be concerned about safety of plastic cups? Should I use glass jars instead?

The plastic jars or cups used should be durable BPA free. You should avoid any other plastic that is not approved by FDA. Most yogurt makers with small cups or jars come with BPA free plastic.

You can use glass jars but those may break especially if you serve in them to children.

Do you have to use all jars in a multi jar maker even if you want to make lesser amount of yogurt?

The best way in such cases would be to fill unused jars with water as this will give the best results.

What kinds of starters are good to make yogurt?

The yogurt starter should be fresh as it works better than aged ones. You can get plain, organic yogurt from the store and use it as starter. Or you can use others starters that are sold by various brands.

There are people who have used flavored yogurt as starters and these also work fine.


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