Euro-Cuisine YM100 is awesome

Euro Cuisine has a comprehensive range of small kitchen appliances. It also the most popular yogurt makers and has the most number of models. The YM100 is the most popular amongst them.YM100 is the middle model of Euro Cuisine range which has slightly more features than the YM80 but lesser features than YMX650 which is a higher end model.


Capacity is 42 ounces

7 (Seven) 6oz Glass, these have screw top lids.

Eurocuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker
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Automatic shut-off function timer that would turn of the unit automatically at the end of the cooking cycle

Each jar comes with a screw top lid for easy storage after the yogurt is made

Jars are dishwasher safe

3 year warranty


The YM100 is better than YM80 due to the automatic shutoff feature. There are people who do not like the timer as the temperature in the jars is maintained even after the unit is turned off. This makes the shutoff feature redundant.

Condensation can be an issue as it collects on the lid and drips to the yogurt. While removing the clean lid, it is essential to take care so that the water does not drip into finished yogurt.

There are issues with overheating also. But these are few in number.

There is Pyrex Storage 7-Cup Round Dish which can be used with this. The lid of the unit is slightly lower else more options of bowls can be tried.

The milk needs to be boiled at 180 degree Fahreheit and then cooled to 110 degree Fahrenheit before placing in the unit.

According to the instruction manual the following milk can be used

  • Pasteurized milk (1%, 2%, full or fat free)
  • Powdered milk
  • Long life UHT sterilized milk
  • Soy milk which contains fructose, malt or honey as one of these are necessary for fermentation

The yogurt turns out very consistent and YM100 makes excellent yogurt.

Frequently asked questions

Can you add a second tier to hold more jars?

Yes, you can add a second tier that will also hold seven jars and make 42 ounces more.

Which is the best culture for this maker?

The machine is best for thermophilic cultures which thrive on temperatures between 108 and 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

A skin forms when I use a Pyrex bowl. How do I avoid it?

You can just remove it from the top.

Can we buy extra glass jars separately?

Yes, you can buy them here

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Brand: Euro Cuisine
Model: YM100
4.3 based on 299 reviews
$39.99 New

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