Easiyo non-electric machine

The EasiYo Yogurt Maker is available on its own, in a variety of colour. Easiyo also manufactures various starters in sachets in different flavors.


Capacity of 35 ounces

Does not need electricity


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Makes in 6 to 8 hours

The Easiyo mix needs only water and no milk or any other ingredient.

Hot water needs to be poured on the top of baffle.


One good aspect is that even if it is kept longer to around 24 hours the yogurt does not get spoilt. The yogurt will only get tarter with increased time.

It does not need any boiling of milk with the Easiyo mix. You will need to boil if you use regular milk.

It is not considered a yogurt maker by many as this has no electrical component to maintain temperature. Also, the Easiyo mix may not be liked by people who want to go for dairy products. The Easiyo cultures are expensive though the unit is cheap.

With milk there are times when the product may be watery as the temperature might not be right.

It is great for camping and outdoors as you will not need electricity to make yogurt in this.

How to make yogurt with Easiyo