Dash Greek yogurt maker review

Dash has introduced Greek yogurt maker recently. Dash is made by Storebound based out of NYC. The technology in this machine is patented.


All-in-one nested design

Easy-clean Greek strainer

Dash Greek yogurt maker

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Makes a full quart of Greek Yogurt

Adjustable digital timer alerts you when yogurt is finished

60 oz. & 54 oz. container capacity

32 oz. (4 cup) easy-clean Greek strainer

Integrated cord storage

Comes in 7.5 cup large container and 6.75 cup small container


There is an hour’s preparation needed for heating and preparing the milk.

Non dairy yogurt like almond and soya turnout runny and do not generally set well.

The single jar is convenient and you need not portion them and clean them as in multi jar machines.

The straining process takes around 2 hours. The built-in strainer is dishwasher safe and convenient than using a cheesecloth. It can be cleaned and reused.

How to Make Greek Yogurt At Home

Now that you’ve bought a greek yogurt maker, you want to make some Greek yogurt! Read our very simple homemade Greek yogurt recipe.


Apart from the pink color shown above this is also available in the following colors.


White with Pink Trim

White with Blue Trim

Other Models

Dash also has these models

Dash DSY007BU
A probiotic 7 jar yogurt maker – The review can be seen at Dash DSY007BU.
Dash go bulk
A single jar bulk yogurt maker – Dash go bulk
Brand: Dash
Manufacturer: Storebound
Model: Greek
4.5 based on 9 reviews
$49.99 New

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You can also look at strainers for preparing Greek yogurt. Some of them are:

Euro Cuisine GY50
Euro Cuisine GY50
Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker
Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker
Matfer 17360 Exoglass Bouillon Strainer
Matfer 17360 Exoglass Bouillon Strainer