Dash DSY007CM Stainless 7 Jar Home Yogurt Maker Review

One of the most popular yogurt makers currently available, the Dash DSY007CM is a quick, healthy, and cost-effective way to make fresh yogurt at home. The device can also be used to make non-dairy yogurts, and other organic, probiotic gelatines. One of the main benefits of using a home yogurt maker is that it can significantly cut down on your grocery bills.

Fresh, healthy foods can be expensive, and store-bought yogurt can cost quite a bit when factored into your expenses over a long period. With a home yogurt maker, you can make fresh yogurt whenever you want while you avoid the high cost of buying it at the grocery store.

Dash 7 Jar Yogurt Maker- Stainless Steel

Dash 7 Jar Yogurt Maker- Stainless Steel

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The Dash DSY007CM will give users more control over the yogurt’s taste and consistency. As a rule, the longer yogurt ferments, the thicker its consistency will be. Many people prefer to have thick, Greek yogurt with their meals instead of traditional thinner yogurts, because homemade Greek yogurt can help improve digestive health, lower blood pressure, and increase bone health. The user can also add extra ingredients like fruits and nuts to the fermentation capsules to enhance the yogurt’s taste. While there are many benefits to having fresh, plain yogurt, many people prefer to add strawberries and other fruits to the mixture to add flavor and interest to their meals and snacks. The Dash’s simple user interface makes it easy to add ingredients to your yogurt as it ferments. You simply have to remove the cap to add the flavor-enhancing ingredients.


  • The Dash DSY007CM is an automatic yogurt maker
  • Measures 9.1 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 5 pounds
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Number of pieces: seven
  • Fermenting cups Included
  • Fermentation timer
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Instructions and recipes included
  • Requires 600 Watts of power
  • Cycle time: 3 minutes
  • Total capacity: seven jars
  • Fermenting time: eight to twelve hours
  • Digital timer and interface
  • Seven caps included
  • 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on parts and labor


Dash 7 Jar Yogurt Maker- Stainless SteelEvery part of the device’s interface has been streamlined to enhance the user’s ability make the perfect batch of yogurt. The chassis is made from stainless steel, which helps keep the device clean and rust-free. The front plate comes equipped with a two-button, digital control panel that allows the user to set the yogurt’s fermenting time. The fermentation jars are also very easy to use. Simply remove the top of the container as you would with a mason jar, and add the ingredients. Screw the top back on and you’re ready to make some fresh yogurt. The device takes approximately 6 to 10 hours to make the average batch of yogurt, but the device can be set to ferment for up to 15 hours.


  • The seven jars are completely dishwasher safe (what is dishwasher safe?), so you don’t have to spend very much time cleaning after you make a batch of fresh yogurt
  • Each jar can hold about a cup of yogurt, which means that when fully loaded, the Dash DSY007CM can make nearly two quarts of yogurt
  • The device can make a full batch of yogurt in eight to twelve hours, which is much quicker than the majority of other yogurt making appliances
  • The digital controls allow the user to customize the fermentation time for up to fifteen hours, which is an excellent option for anyone who prefers yogurt with a thicker consistency
  • The Dash DSY007CM comes with seven reusable glass jars that are easy to clean, and they are easy to replace with aftermarket components
  • The device’s built-in timer plays an audible alert to notify the user when the current batch of yogurt has finished fermenting
  • The yogurt maker comes with a book of recipes that includes many ways you can spice up your yogurt recipes
  • The machine can be used with freeze-dried starter, or fresh unsweetened yogurt, along with yogurt made from scratch


  • The manual recommends that you don’t use harsh detergents, abrasive cleaners, or scouring pads when cleaning the device, which can make cleaning difficult for some users
  • The device itself is not machine washable, and it can only be washed with a damp cloth

Final Verdict

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One of the best yogurt makers currently on the market, the Dash is great at making a large amount of yogurt in a short amount of time. The system’s built-in timer is a welcome addition, and it makes gauging the yogurt’s fermentation much simpler. The Dash has been simplified to the point where a cook of any skill level can operate it to make a batch of fresh yogurt. The fermentation jars can also be placed in the freezer to make frozen yogurt and other frozen treats. The Dash DSY007CM STAINLESS 7 Jar Home Yogurt Maker is very popular with reviewers, and it receives a rating of four stars or higher in over 90 percent of all reviews.

Watch this youtube to see a great instruction movie and information about the Dash yogurt maker (wiki).

Review of the Dash DSY007CM Stainless 7 Jar Homemade automatic electric Yogurt Maker
Dash DSY007CM
Great electric yogurt maker is this Dash DSY007CM which has the capacity to make 7 jars of homemade yogurt per session. Including possibility to make frozen yogurt.