Electronic Cuisipro Donvier yogurt maker

Cuisipro makes small kitchen appliances. Donvier is their sub brand of automatic yogurt maker.


Capacity of 1.5 L of liters

Electric timer has digital LCD countdown display.

Cuisipro Donvier Electronic
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Warning beep 10 and 5 minutes before automated shut-off at end of cycle.Features can be set in half-hour increments, from 4 to 14 hours.Includes thermometerHas eight 6-oz unbreakable, durable plastic jars (BPA free).

Automatic shut-off

Temperature ranges from 90°-120°F/ 32°-49°C during yogurt-making process.

Dishwasher safe

One year limited warranty.


One common complaint is that it does not heat properly. All the jars do not get heated uniformly and this causes inconsistency in the same batch of yogurt. Generally most of the machines are circular in shape whereas this one is rectangular.

There are also reports that the machine breaks after some use.

The plastic jars also might not be preferred by you as glass jars are better.

The yogurt does turn out good and people do report good yogurt being made in this. It’s stirrer thermometer and automatic shutoff  are good features.

Frequently asked questions

Can the temperature be set manually or is it preset?

The temperature is already pre-set, only 2 buttons, one for hours and one for minutes.

Can you use glass jars?

Yes, you can try glass jars like 6oz Gerber Baby Food jars which fit the maker.

Can I order extra jars for this?

Yes, you can buy it from Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Maker Jars, Set of 8

Brand: Cuisipro Donvier
Manufacturer: Cuisipro
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