List of top yogurt starters

The best yogurt starter can be a small amount kept aside from the previous batch you have made.

The starter can define the taste, texture and consistency of the homemade yogurt. It affects the tang based on the bacteria that it contains. You should always use one culture and not mix them.

You can buy starters in the market as well which you give you more options e.g. non dairy or skimmed milk.

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The useful accessories for making yogurt

If you love yogurt and make it at home then there are accessories which can help you in easing the process and helping you to get good yogurt with convenience.

Check these out and do let us know if we have missed out any good accessory in the comments form below.

Strainers for Greek yogurt and yogurt cheese

Euro Cuisine GY50

Euro Cuisine is a well known brand for yogurt machines. It’s Greek yogurt maker is actually a strainer.

Euro Cuisine GY50
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Capacity of 2 quarts to be transformed from plain to Greek yogurt

Can also make Cheese yogurt

BPA free

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