Brod and Taylor Proofer is Multi Purpose Kitchen Machine

Brod & Taylor is owned by Berkshire Innovation LLC, Massachusetts.

Brod & Taylor proofer is a unique product that lets you create humidity and heat controlled environment. This can be used for

• Pastry and bread making
• Fermenting yeast
• Making yogurt
• Tempering chocolate and softening butter

Brod and Taylor bread proofer

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Allows you to select desired temperature

The temperature range is 70-120 degree Fahrenheit (21 – 49 C)

Contains an aluminum water tray that can control humidity that is ideal between 60-80%

Can be easily folded

Brod and Taylor folding proofer

Can make yogurt upto 8 quarts

Makes yogurt in 4 – 6 hrs

Stainless steel wire rack

Reinforced polypropylene body

It comes at 240V also for international users. Check this out at


It allows you to make the maximum amount of yogurt in a single batch in the yogurt makers available out there.

The temperature control is perfect and since the temperature can be set manually, there is very little chance of the yogurt going bad due to temperature not being appropriate and crossing 110F. Also the temperature can be adjusted based on the room temperature or the season which gives more control. The temperature can be set in both Fahrenheit and Celsius which is a big boon especially if you want to try international recipes that mention temperatures in Celsius. No other yogurt machine gives the flexibility of setting the temperature as you wish and this is a major advantage with the proofer.

For bread proofing also this is a very effective appliance as most ovens cannot control temperature perfectly under 200 degree Fahrenheit.
It makes yogurt quiet fast taking around 4-6 hours whereas the other makers may take longer to ferment.

It can easily go in a drawer after being folded.

It is recommended to preheat 5-10 minutes before for best results.

There have been odd cases of heat escaping as the box walls did not well. But those are one off cases. A larger power cord and an auto shutoff would have been a boon.

How it works

How to make yogurt

User guide

You can check the manual at


Why an oven cannot be used for bread proofing?
Most ovens cannot control temperature efficiently below 93 degree Centigrade or 200 degree Fahrenheit. This can overheat the dough and kill the yeasts.

Is this proofer dishwasher safe?
A wipe from a wet cloth is good enough to clean it. Except the heating base, the other removal parts are dishwasher safe.

Can the temperature show up in Centigrade instead of Fahrenheit?
Yes, you need to press the Temperature Up and Temperature down buttons at the same time for 2 seconds.

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Brand: Brod & Taylor
Manufacturer: Brod & Taylor
4.7 based on 111 reviews
$148.00 New

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